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Have your
child enter
a magic world!

With Super Powers, kids
will never fear doctors anymore!

Two easy steps:
are all that is needed to make your son the bravest hero ever!




With our app on your smartphone or on your tablet, your child will discover the stories of the different character. S\he will be able to see them facing the same health troubles he or she is facing, to choose the hero s\he wants to become, and to enjoy some time with our educational mini-games.



After the treatment, the doctor’s pledge to transform the child into one of our magical heroes is kept thanks to our app Super Powers and to the card the doctor gives him/her.
The cards are collectable, and you can look at their 3D effects on our App!

The adventure continues back home
Let your child bring home some new heroes!
On our website you will find many sketches to print and paint, and our app a tutorial will teach him or her how to brush his or her teeth correctly

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Super Brave

He’s Super Brave, the fastest and bravest hero of all! Our favourite superhero lives in a big city like many kids of his age, but who is he when he’s not wearing his costume?
Follow the stories of the fastest and bravest hero to discover it!

Fata Lilla

In a land far, far away, there was once and still there is an enchanted forest inhabited by many colourful fairies. There lives Fairy Lily, the nicest among the fairies, beautiful with her Crystal wings!
Follow the adventures of the amazing Fairy Lily in the Enchanted Forest!

Ninja Watà

It is in the land of the far east that we can find Kootàkkà, the city where the strongest ninjas in the world live. And it is there that we can find one of the most skillfull Blackdress Ninja of all times: Ninja Watà. He is undefeatable with his laserswords and a master in the gecko camouflage.
If you want to learn everything about all the workouts a real Blackdress Ninja has to face and all the skills Watà has to learn, watch the story of our hero of Kootàkkà

Maghetta Lunetta

Little Moon is Nature’s hero. She can cure the environment with her magic potions and her enchantments. When it rains too much and too heavily, when it rains for days and days at end, Little Moon can make those clouds disappear and get the clear weather back. Her adventures are now famous in all of the known galaxies, and soon your galaxy will know her as well!
Discover more about her in our stories!


Little Volt is the most brilliant mind you will find in the city of the future, Omicron! His fellow citizens love all of his inventions. The most amazing one is his red armour, and when he wears it he becomes Ultravolt! Nobody remains long in danger, when Ultravolt flies over Omicron making sure that everything is perfect. His mascot is the little robot Quark.
If you want to discover every secret in electronics, follow Ultravolt’s adventure!

Regina Itzel

Queen Itzel rules over Isla Dorada. She is very generous and always helps her old parents out. Even if she’s really young, Itzel is incredibly savvy. She is the youngest queen Isla Dorada has ever had, loves all citizens of her kingdom deeply, and uses the powers of the Sun and of the Magic Flame to give them energy and heat!
She has a trusted helper in Toco, the colourful toucan!
Let Itzel teach you everything that the Magic Flame can do!

I’ve found Super Power to be an innovative product, and to be easy and captivating for patients, parents, and operators. I have loved the concept from the beginning, because for those of us who work in Orthodontics or Paedodontics this service is a must have! Amazing!

Dr. Montisci
Specialist in Orthodontics

I love it! My son has never been as happy to go to the doctor as he is now! The last time he has decided to become Super Brave, but he has already told the doctor that the next visit he wants to be transformed into one of the other superheroes!
I am sure he will be happy to go to the doctor for a very long time!

5 yo Andrew’s Mother

Super Powers gives the paediatric and the generic orthodontist the possibility to approach the little patient without having to use some more complex psychological techniques. To be afraid of the dentist is something which is very common, especially in the younger patients, and this is often due to the natural fear of the unknown. By using Super Power there is the possibility of living the entire dentist experience as if it was a game. It’s Fantastic!

Dr. Zanvit

I will never be able to thank you enough for having made my 5 yo old son Giaime’s experience of doctors one of true magic!
He was terrified by the dentists, but thanks to Super Powers he is not only more relaxed, but also a real ninja with Super Powers!!!
Thank you very much!!!

5 years old Giaime’s Mother